O.J. Simpson’s Son Justin Ryan Is Nothing Like His Father

Justin Ryan Simpson - Son of O.J. Simpson

Justin Ryan Simpson knows what rough is well. Despite coming from a family with millions, his life has been a struggle, which has made him a successful man and professional he is, as well as somebody who has come to terms with the fact that one of his parents was murdered by the other.

Justin Ryan Simpson’s Childhood And Trauma

Fame has followed Justin Ryan from an early age, as he is the youngest son of O.J. Simpson, a well-known professional NFL player (a member of the Hall of Fame), and Nicole Brown Simpson, who was assassinated by O.J. at their home in L.A. on June 12, 1994. Alas, having money and fame is no guarantee against a horrific tragedy! Yet having the true fighting spiting and an honest, hardworking personality allowed Justin Ryan to overcome that tragedy, turning into something very different from his father.

Justin Ryan Simpson was born in California, USA, on August 6, 1988. His parents were O.J. Simpson (father), who was also an actor and media celebrity, and Nicole Brown Simpson (mother), a German-American model who also gave birth to his older sister Sydney Brooke Simpson (October 17, 1985). Both siblings have been very close to each other until today.

When Justin was just four years old, his parents decided to separate. Two years later, the tragic murder of his mother Nicole Brown Simpson, along with his friend Ron Goldman, occurred on June 12, 1994. From the age of almost 6, Justin was under the care of his grandparents, Jimmy Lee Simpson and Eunice Simpson. After a lengthy trial, O.J. Simpson was accused of murder. He was paroled in July 2017.

A Path to Equanimity and Greatness

After Justin Ryan Simpson graduated from the prestigious Florida State University, his entrepreneurial and fighting spirit led him to real estate as he started working for Muffley & Associates. Subsequently, Justin worked as a real estate agent for over 6 years, specializing in small scale home buying. He has worked all over Florida, in areas such as Bay Pines, Rocks Beach, St. Petersburg, and others.

Looking at the particular aspects of Justin’s life, he has tried to stay away from the media. Perhaps motivated by the many inconveniences he had with the media while growing up, he prefers to live his life quietly and peacefully. All these things have shaped Simpson’s character and give him the maturity to choose to enjoy his experience clearly. He knows the value of things, values a simple life with his family, and prefers to keep busy. Justin seeks to be a different man at all times than his father and continually struggles not to let the past get in the way of him and to be a better person.

All of the above make Simpson less active in social media. His belief in guarding his personal and professional life keeps him unwavering. At the same time, he does maintain a professional page on Facebook which helps him stay in touch with his fans and make sales.

Justin supports himself financially as he refuses to have anything to do with his father.

Since 2018, Justin has been working full-time as a top real estate salesman for DHM Real Estate Group. In parallel, he runs his own company, Boulder Property Management.

Justin Ryan Simpson continues to reside in Florida where he maintains a private, quiet life.

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