12 Stars Everyone Hates – The Worst Celebrities We Know

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

A quick guide to the stars everyone hates

They are young, beautiful, and incredibly popular. Life seems to unfold toward them on its own as they collect money and admiration from their devoted fans. They are loved even for the worst of what they are, but some of them abuse the trust and the credit they have been given. Who are they, the celebrities that have taken it too far and crossed the line between love and hatred? Read on to find out!

Justin Bieber

Everyone hates Justin Bieber (except for those who love-love-love him), so if we started this list with somebody else it would just be unfair. Justin is a spoiled child, acting as a divine figure, selling millions of albums created to satisfy the lowest musical tastes. Why do we hate him? Just for who he is. A selfish buffoon who grew up thinking he was a god. For drunk driving and horrible behavior. For not giving any reason to suspect that one day he’ll change and stop being one of the stars everyone hates.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is probably the least talented actress ever. Nobody knows why she gets roles in box office movies such as “Twilight” or “Snow White and the Huntsman”. Regardless what movie she takes part in, she’s always unremarkable, apathetic and perennially lost. We don’t know why we hate her so much. After all, there are many untalented actors, such as Sylvester Stallone or Selena Gomez, but they do not bring us such distaste. Maybe because Kristen shows up everywhere, so there’s just too much of her?

Angelina Jolie

We all know that Angelina Jolie is practically a goddess. She’s beautiful, incredibly talented and conducts herself as a lady. She thinks she’s better than ordinary people. She’s discrete, and she appreciates her personal life (of which she has just enough). So, how does she become one of the stars everyone hates? Because we don’t like her either! Seriously, Jolie’s wonderful. She’s even adopted a bunch of kids, participates in charity and environmental projects. She has suffered health problems with dignity. She seems to be perfect. And people don’t like perfect: because people know there are nothing like it even on the best day of their life.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus climbed the career ladder with the help of her Dad, who did not make a good country musician. Miley was liked by everybody when she acted Hannah Montana in a Disney TV show. After that, she started to annoy everyone and by now has made it to the infamous club of stars everyone hates. Even people who aren’t interested in the music have probably heard and seen the ubiquitous twerking, her elongated licking tongue on Twitter.

Billy Ray with Miley Cyrus
The innocent Billy Ray with one of the stars everyone hates – Miley Cyrus

Taylor Swift

Once we’ve mentioned Twitter, Taylor Swift must follow! This former singer considers herself an icon and wants every girl to imitate her. Of course, Taylor doesn’t notice she’s a narcissistic paste herself. She invites different celebrities to join her “team” and, if they refuse, she pours dirt over them in her social media (as if it them who were the stars everyone hates). Dating insane and otherwise unsuitable guys, crying and just being an artificial celebrity who is never going to grow up: hello, that’s your girl Taylor.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is hated because of her horrible music, drug abuse, desire to become a celebrity and contempt for education. Lindsay was once on top, and the audience watched her slow but impressive fall. Now she’s trying to rebuild her career. She left rehab trying to avoid scandals. We have to keep our fingers crossed so she can get out (because we are not like the stars everyone hates). But let’s face it, each of us is waiting for her next fall.

Tom Cruise

Not so long ago, Tom Cruise was a handsome, incredibly talented, and just a cool, normal guy. And then all of a sudden, he went crazy, becoming another star everyone hates. Ironically, it coincided with him joining the joint of Scientologists. Now Tom spends $12 million a year on his daughter. He invests this on guards, security and the girl’s double. Well, hopefully he can at least tell them apart: otherwise the double could be getting away with quite some benefits.

Stars Everyone Hates - tom cruise hollywood star
Tom Cruise is one of the Hollywood Stars Everyone Hates

Kim Kardashian

A list of stars everyone hates without Kim Kardashian is incomplete by definition. She is famous for the sex tape she recorded in 2003 (which still remains the most creative thing she ever did) and has been hated ever since. She’s puny and stupid and does absolutely nothing to help humanity. She doesn’t do anything in the world. Television took her hopeless program off the air, nobody bought her clothes, which she supposedly designed, and did not play her stupid video game. She’s one of the most hated celebrities. We are the ones who make her success, waiting and watching for her final fall to stay at the bottom.

Kanye West

Kim’s husband is just as hopeless as his wife, and maybe even worse. Kanye West is several hours late for his concerts and is indignant with his disgruntled fans. You could catch cancer just by listening to what he says. If we’d stopped paying attention to him, he’d have disappeared from the front pages of the papers. But it won’t be soon, we’d like to read more about his extravagant rants. Needless to say, he and Kim make a perfect couple of stars everyone hates. They must have been promised to one another long before either of them was born!

John Travolta

John Travolta is another Hollywood’s favorite who’s lost fans in a few years. And another star who joined the Scientologists. After the death of his son, he sought solace in religion. He refused to take on good roles and stars in hopeless movies instead. From a handsome man he turned into an ugly uncle who acts stupidly every time he appears in the spotlight. That’s not a good reason to hate him, but most people do, anyway.

princess diana and john travolta
Princess Diana dancing with John Travolta

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith thinks he’s okay. He decided to follow into his father’s footsteps and became an actor. Will Smith is talented, but Jayden just sucks. Those who wanted to watch a remake of Karate Kid hated him for destroying the movie. It never occurred to him that he could become one of the start everyone hates, so he asked his dad to star with him in “1000 years after Earth”. The guy with the weird face and the weird makeup who grandiloquently talked about the world’s problems, he butchered the whole movie! We’ll stop hating on him if he doesn’t show up in other movies anymore.


Bono spends his time and money on charity, but we still hate him. Perhaps because he invests millions of dollars to help Africa, a continent where human rights are violated left and right. Most of the money from humanitarian operations is mysteriously lost in the pockets of local officials, but it doesn’t stop him from giving them more. Maybe he should go there on a tour next time? Hardly anyone there would think he’s among the stars everyone hates in the rest of the world.

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