The Hot and Sexy Yvonne Strahovski

The Hot and Sexy Yvonne Strahovski

Yvonne Strahovski is a sexy Australian actress who is best known for her roles in Chuck, Dexter, and 24: Live Another Day, as well as her stunning looks. To discover everything that you need to need to know about Yvonne Strahovski and her impressive acting career, simply continue reading.

The Sexy Yvonne Strahovski

One of the reasons why Strahovski turns heads is that she is a leggy blonde who is 5″9 and has the proportions of a supermodel. Strahovski lists her measurements as 34-24-32 and has a beautiful hourglass figure.

Her Background

Although Yvonne Strahovski was born in Australia, she can thank her Polish parents for exotic good looks. As her parents Piotr and Bozena migrated to sunny Australia from Warsaw, Poland. Strahovski is proud of her Polish roots and speaks the language fluently. In the TV series Chuck, her character occasionally speaks Polish, in a sexy accent.

As Strahovski dreamed of becoming an actress from a young age, her parents signed her up for acting classes when she was 12 years old. Her passion for acting grew throughout her teenage years and when she graduated high school Strahovski studied acting at the University of Western Sydney.

Breakout role

After Yvonne Strahovski moved to the hot and sexy city of Los Angeles, in order to pursue acting, she was quickly cast as Sarah Walker in the spy comedy Chuck. A TV series that revolved around a dorky computer nerd who is recruited to become a spy. In the series, Strahovski’s character Sarah was the main love interest of the series’ protagonist Chuck Bartowski played by Zachary Levi.

Yvonne Strahovski’s Iconic Roles

After appearing on Chuck for several years, Yvonne Strahovski joined the cast of Dexter as Hannah McKay. a dangerous yet sexy character, who is not afraid to kill to protect herself. Eventually, Hannah McKay becomes a love interest for the show’s main character Dexter. A complicated man who works as a forensic scientist, while tracking down and killing sadistic murderers in his free time.

Another of Strahovski’s roles which is worth noting is her role in 24: Live Another Day. One of her hottest roles yet. In the hit TV show, Strahovski plays a kick-ass CIA agent, Kate Morgan. If you want to see Strahovski kicking ass, it’s well worth binge-watching 24: Live Another Day.

More recently, from 2017-2019 the sexy Yvonne Strahovski played one of The Handmaid’s Tale villains, Serena Joy. Opposite Elizabeth Moss, who played the title role of Offred. A woman who is forced by a dystopian government to have intercourse with Serena Joy’s husband.

Video games

You might be surprised to learn that Strahovski is also an experienced voice actor and has lent her voice to Mass Effect 2 and it’s sequel Mass Effect 3. In which she plays the character Lawson. Lawson resembles Strahovski as Strahovski’s face was scanned and animated to create Lawson.

The Hot Private Life of Yvonne Strahovski

If you want to see the Strahovski’s latest photos, it’s well worth following her Instagram page @yvonnestrahovski. As she regularly posts sexy photos.

Marriage to Tim Loden

Yvonne Strahovski married actor and producer Tim Loden in 2017. The two share a son who they welcomed to the world in 2018. Thankfully Strahovski plans to continue acting after starting a family. So expect to see more of her on the small screen and in blockbuster films.

So if you’ve had a crush on Yvonne Strahovski for years, hopefully, you’ve discovered a few new facts about one of Australia’s (and the whole world’s) hottest actresses!

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