Love Me Do: Here’s What Made the Beatles Famous

the Beatles

If you know anything about music, you’ve probably heard of the Beatles. A famous band from the UK, they were comprised of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. Today, their music doesn’t sound unique anymore, and the poetry of the lyrics is easily recognized, so what made them so special?

At the time, the Beatles were entirely new and revolutionary. They brought the British wave to the United States. They took over pop music and changed the course of media (and history).

Keep reading to learn about how this influential little boys’ band made international stardom.

A New Sound

The Beatles had a bit of experience playing through genres. They started with skiffle and beat and progressed to the early forms of rock & roll. This is what they started being famous for, and it’s the genre that many people attribute to them.

In reality, though, the Beatles were pop stars that were incredibly fluid with their music. They moved through the waves of pop from international inspirations, bringing new and different sounds to the UK and the US alike.

They shifted easily into the psychedelic rock movement because of that earlier flexibility and openness to genres, and that psychedelic rock made them a center point for the hippie movement that flooded in with it.

They were something that the western world hadn’t heard before. While many of their influences were other popular musicians, they combined sounds and marketed them together with a cute package.

Appeal to Women

Speaking of cute, their appeal with women was undeniable. While some members have some dodgy history with women in their later years, the Beatles both influenced and took influence from women, making them shining examples in the eyes of many of their female fans.

Long before any type of social media was invented, girls created Beatlemania and spread it like a virus, much like the boybands of more recent times. BTS, One Direction, The Backstreet Boys: girls love well-coiffed groups of singing men.

The history of the Beatles was largely written by men, and although most of them were true pros knowing what journalism is and how to put it to work, it may be difficult to see how their female fandom developed beyond the original Beatlemania. It’s clear, though, that their appeal to women helped to shuttle them to the top.

Influence on Others

The Beatles were hugely influential in more ways than one. They influenced political movements and got involved in the current goings-on of their day. They made British musicians try their hand at approaching the United States market, and they succeeded at that.

They also influenced so many musicians that came after them, many of whom are still performing today.

As they influenced more and more people, their names got spread around further. They may not have been the best, the most unique, the most interesting (these are things that are all debated widely across the Internet), but they were the match that lit the fire.

As the fire spread, they grew.

The Beatles: Music Legends

Not everyone loves the Beatles, but it’s controversial not to. They started a music revolution (with just a little help from their friends) and paved the way for countless other musicians.

Whether you love or hate their music, respect their political activism, or question their personal lives, they had influence.

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